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Welcome to Winetage – a sanctuary where design meets nature. Immerse yourself in the unrivaled charm of our breathtaking handcrafted collection, masterfully blending the beauty of nature with the unparalleled artistry of Italian design. Indulge in the height of luxury and elevate your lifestyle with our sustainable creations, meticulously crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life. With Winetage, you can experience the epitome of refinement and sophistication.

Upcycling the exceptional from the ordinary.


Experience elegance and exclusivity with our Italian artworks, crafted from refined barrique oak. Indulge in the unique color, taste, and aroma this oak bestows on the finest wines. Discover the ultimate expression of sophistication and luxury in our exceptional collection, infused with the distinct features of wine-enriched barriques’ oak.

One style. An unmistakable design experience for your senses.


Unleash creativity with Winetage’s design philosophy. Materials guide our unique journey, sparking imagination and inspiring new dimensions of design.

Respecting wine barrels’ shapes and story to bring out the true Italian Craftmanship.

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Luxia is a minimalist and completely natural LED lamp handcrafted from aged oak wood and marble to give your home the natural and cosy atmosphere you desire.

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