Winetage Design

"Gran Riserva furniture"

from wine to design:

GRAN RISERVA furniture

Innovative home decors that bridge passion for highest quality standards and sustainability from the best wineries to a cozy living room.

Owning a Winetage creation means becoming a custodian of history. A connoisseur’s duty.

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our story

Winetage redefines the meaning of eco-sustainable furniture. For the first time ever, the essence of made in Italy – the intersection of creativity, craftsmanship, and style- welcomes the world of Bacchus.

A simple yet revolutionary idea: create exclusive furniture where wine tradition meets Italian taste, expressing the true essence of experiential design. 

Winetage: advancing wine aging to the status of artistic design furniture.

Winetage, beyond artisanship: design sommeliers.

aged oak:
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O­nly the straightest, knotless, and strongest oak trees, older than 110 years can become barrels. Only the highest quality for the best wines skilled coopers, then, transform the seasoned oak staves into barrel. Custodians of ancient traditions, they artisanally mold and assemble each stave, forging its characteristic shape. 

Finally, the last but fundamental step: the toasting. It’s the customization of the barrel to the winery’s detailed specifications to match the character of the wine it will age.

Each barrel is unique. Just like the wine it ages

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Selecting Winetage means embracing the endless possibilities of experiential sustainable design.

Refashioning oak from used wine barrels requires honoring its shape, story, and uniqueness. These are noble traits to be handled with experience and care.

Winetage leads the discovery of unchartered path in experiential design

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Meticulous attention to details by enthusiastic artisans to reinterpret the timeless elegance of oak and wine-aging.

When made in Italy truly means unmatched artistry ✨

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