Winetage Design

A new beginning

(J. W. Goethe)

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, get started with it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it

The start of the year is by far the best time to get surprised by new things.  Every beginning is inevitably seen as a challenge that brings with it a series of emotions ranging from impatience to curiosity, to the desire to act but also a sip of uncertainty.


We cautiously tiptoed into this 2023 but now it is revealing all its strength.

Tested by the two most difficult years ever, we want to start over leaving everything behind, starting from inside us and from everything that makes us feel good: people, experiences, places.

Globally we have experienced a period in which all traditional references have disappeared, causing new priorities to emerge, first of all with a greater attention to quality in every aspect of our lives.

Home becomes that privileged space where to take care of oneself, a welcoming cocoon designed to wrap us in a natural feeling of well-being.

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This new year seems to suggest that, to move forward and feel good, it is necessary to take a small step back, recovering a closer relationship with nature.

Various 2023 home decor trends reflect this need and pinpoint the direction  to help us create the comfortable atmosphere we seek:

  1. NATURAL RAW MATERIALS – use of materials such as wood, marble or stone, for furnishings and accessories, with beautiful tactile finishes, irregularities and accentuated veins;
  2. SINUOUS SHAPES – the use of curved and sinuous lines that evoke natural and maternal forms;
  3. WARM COLORS – after years of gray declined in a thousand shades and undertones, the colors of the earth are back: beige, cream and brown;
  4. PRODUCT SUSTAINABILITY – closer attention to the choice of products, evaluating their origins and production methods;
  5. HANDMADE PRODUCTS – artisanship, the art to craft a bespoke element where it is possible to spot an artisan’s manual skills.
home decor tendenze 2023, scopri i prodotti winetage design


Lighting plays a fundamental role in defining the atmosphere of a space, and when properly balanced, it can transform a simple room into a welcoming place that makes you really feel at home.

Winetage Design is an innovative project that encompasses different values in its compositions: nature, tradition, design, and sustainability.

foto prodotto Winetage Design

Unique lighting pieces originated by the appreciation of natural elements like centuries-old wine barrel oak.

dettaglio prodotto winetage design

The lamps are created from old oak staves whose colors and veins are influenced by natural factors. The rhythmic succession of elements and their arrangement create a dynamic chiaroscuro play and a soft atmosphere where you can find the right comfort.

A house thus truly becomes “home”: a place of well-being where you can live in the present with traces of the past and looking to the future, open to change and novelty.

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