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Luxia is a minimalist and completely natural LED lamp handcrafted from aged oak wood and marble to give your home the natural and cosy atmosphere you desire.

Inspired by nature

Get inspired by stylish wine barrel furniture and make your interior something special. An individual design is an expression of your personality and gives your home that special touch.

Winetage Design pieces make a statement.

Winetage Design pieces make a statement. It is not just about the aesthetics, it’s about how they are made, the products they are made with, and the craftsmen that make them. Meticulous attention to detail, respect for the materials, and vast knowledge are demonstrated by each member of our team of first-rate craftsmen.

What stands behind Winetage?

Each Winetage artifact is conceived, designed and manufactured with care and passion to express a statement.Our team of creative designers works the individual stave to craft uniqueness and exclusivity.Their mission: bend their creativity to exploit every inch of the precious oak from the barrels into sustainable “wow’s”.

The ancient art of wine barrels.

A meticulous, passionate handmade process, so crucial for aging great wines. The oak staves are assembled, toasted, polished and scratched specifically for the wine it will age. That same nitpicking care goes in the opening of the barrel: preserving the qualities of the wine-soaked wood intact. Every single stave is invaluable. Every single stave is …

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Winetage Design artworks make a statement.

It is not just about the aesthetics that they add to your living, it’s their story: how they are made, what they are made of, and their artisanship. We coax wine barrels into delicate shapes that reimagine their structure, without compromising their integrity.

Oak, also known as the “Tree of Gods”.

Since dawn of times, oak symbolized unwavering resilience and respect for nature and beauty.What makes oak such exclusive? It’s unique and exceptional aesthetic patterns. Oak is time. Oak is connection with our past. Oak is a living history. This is why oak is the selection of choice for yacht, luxury living and exceptional experiences.

Why upcycling?

Revitalizing “waste” material to create a product of higher value than the original. That’s exactly what we do.The average life of oak of a barrel is over one hundred years old, after which it is destined to be destroyed.Thanks to our upcycling projects, the noble oak from the barrels find a new life in our …

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