We believe the excellence of nature
deserves to last forever, and with Winetage, we've found how to make it happen.

Exclusivity, tradition, and the essence of made in Italy: a true label of style

It all starts with the finest oak, the king of woods. To honor its legacy and story, there’s no better way than crafting it into refined furniture that stands the passing of time, that preserves oak’s essence and its natural excellence.

Partnering just with the finest cellars, those who purposely equip their wine-aging barrels with prime oak, at least 100 years old trees, without knots and imperfections, to enhance the quality and characteristics of their wines.

Today at the end of the wine aging process, oak barrels’ fate is doomed by mere disposal, burned, or shredded, despite the preciousness of its oak.


By carefully selecting the best barrels in tradition-rich Italian wine cellars, those imbued with the aroma and essence of the wine they aged for years. Then, we entrust these barrels to our master craftsmen to upcycle them.

Tradition and Avant-garde

Genuine artisan approaches and their romantic names such as mise en rose (raise the rose) dating back to ancient Roman traditions marry the dynamism and technical state-of-the-art design approaches of modern days… with an eye to the future. An ongoing strive to sustainable innovation and highest quality.

With passion and care, our designer team partners with skilled artisans, combining the cutting-edge of designing trends with the tradition and experience of master coopers.

From Wine to Design

Unique Elements

This combination allows us to treat this precious Material with the utmost respect, enriched by the years and aromas of wine, transforming it through bold yet delicately Italian design into a line of simply unique creations.

In this ecosystem of circular economy and made-in-Italy, let's make upcycling the new standard of luxury.

We enrich the matter through design,
to craft dreams for you to experience, every day.

Italian style, forward-thinking in tradition, and contemporary design in each element:
this is Winetage.

CEO Matteo de Padova

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