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Winetage redefines the meaning of eco-sustainable design. For the first time ever, the essence of made in Italy - the intersection of creativity, craftsmanship, and style- welcomes the world of Bacchus.

Wine aging, its colors, its unmistakable traits, tattooed on each oak stave, becomes timeless design signature. A simple yet revolutionary idea: create exclusive furniture where wine tradition meets Italian taste, expressing the true essence of experiential design.

Winetage: advancing wine aging to the status of artistic design furniture.

Winetage, beyond artisanship: design sommeliers.

This is the modern meaning of Italian lifestyle.

Winetage leads the discovery of unchartered paths in experiential design. A journey into a novel made-in-Italy style where the shape of the material, for the first time, co-leads the ideation process.
ARTISANAL sustainability
Selecting Winetage means embracing the endless possibilities of experiential sustainable design. Refashioning oak from used wine barrels requires honoring its shape, story, and uniqueness.
WINETAGE experience
Winetage embodies the perfect synthesis of an authentic exchange between tradition – wine and barrels - and state-of-the-art design.
A modern way of living, where family and friends gather around the new fireplace.

Our values

COLLECTION Mediterranean


Winetage Design
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