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February 2023: Fairs and Events

Welcome February!

Let’s browse through Wintage’s agenda together and see what fairs and events dedicated to design and wine lovers we can suggest for this month.

For design lovers, January ended with Homi Milano, one of the biggest home living fairs. This edition revolved around two significant themes: sustainability and craftsmanship.

February continues and amplifies this trend. We noticed it in two major events: the Madrid Design Festival (February 08 to March 12, 2023) and the Stockholm Furniture Fair (February 06 to 12, 2023).


As in every February, the city is buzzing. It becomes a reference space for the holding of creative and design events.

Madrid Design Festival 2023  (immagine da linkedin #MDF)
Madrid Design Festival 2023  (immagine da linkedin #MDF)

The exhibitions and conferences that the fair hosts emphasize the concept of sustainability, circularity and eco-design. Design is seen as a tool for change toward a more sustainable and habitable world.

Installazione mostra 'Madre natura' (immagine da linkedin #MDF)
Installazione mostra ‘Madre natura’ (immagine da linkedin #MDF)


Events, exhibitions, conferences, open design studios, and showrooms will turn the spotlight on Scandinavia’s dynamic design scene, with new design talent and start-ups showcased alongside more established names.

Great attention will be paid to the theme of the sustainability, not only to the production of the design object but also to the actual exhibition, exploring a new, more thoughtful, and conscious exhibition format.

One of the most fantastic exhibitions is ‘Closing the Loop,’ which focuses on the tons of plastic thrown into the ocean every year. Valuable materials could be crafted from this waste. The exhibition highlights art, furniture, lighting, and fashion created by the likes of Karim Rashid, Pierre Balmain, and Swarovski designers and brands.

Karim Rashid – Oceana 6 (immagine dal sito fiera)
Karim Rashid – Oceana 6 (immagine dal sito fiera)


Now, let’s dive into wine-related events and highlight, among the many, those that most attract our interest.

In Milan, from February 9 to 13 in the space of a former factory in the Tortona area, Avvinamenti will take place, a project based on warmth, culture, and business, which aims to enhance wines and producers. The various masterclasses, brunches, and sensory dinners promise very fantastic days.

Avvinamenti (sito)
Avvinamenti (sito)

Also in Milan, on February 12 and 13, Vinari Vignaioli Naturali Riuniti will take place, an event dedicated to natural wine organized by two associations (Vi.Te. and Vinnatur), in which wines from 160 wineries will be tasted.

TOn Feb. 25 in Turin, in the majestic Baroque setting of Palazzo Barolo, the second edition of Il Barolo a palazzo Barolo will be held. A high-level tasting of 20 wine producers, a journey to discover the many facets of this wine accompanied by tastings of excellent agri-food products

Il Barolo a Palazzo Barolo (sito)

The slow Wine Fair will be held in Bologna from February 26 to 28. Participants will join this fair from 16 countries around the world. As part of their efforts to promote environmental sustainability and landscape protection, they will advance the principles of the Slow Food Manifesto for Good, Clean and Fair Wine.

Avvinamenti  Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi
Avvinamenti  Photo by Maksym Kaharlytskyi

These are just a few of the selected events. Winetage’s agenda returns in March to bring you new and outstanding events.

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